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Website Design

Website Design

The design of your website speaks volumes to your customers.

What do you want yours to say?

Its not all about looks. Your website has to tick many boxes in order to be effective – particularly when you operate in a competitive market with little to differentiate between offerings.

What defines a good website structure?

When a human visits a website, what they experience and require is different to that of a search engine spider. The holy grail of website design is to please both in equal measures.

Most web designers tasked with the job of designing your website, are oblivious to what is needed to balance the needs of both parties effectively. In fact a conversation with a web designer is unlikely to explore website structure and design in any detail related to:

  • Predefined keyword targets and the need to develop content for them
  • Interlinking strategy for internal content to enhance search engine visibility
  • A/B testing and Conversion Optimisation

A web designer tends to focus on making your website look appealing to a visitor. Whilst this is important, its only part of the solution. Because of this and the fact that there are over 100 metrics that determine the success of your website in search engine results, there will always be opportunities to build something better than the competition.

The approach we take to developing a website at Reach Key is driven by the factors that will affect your ability to be found in search engines, and once you receive a visit from someone interested in your services; the factors that enable you to convert them into customers.

the best structure for your website designThe image here shows a good example of what good site structure looks like. When planning a website, we add to this map, an overlay of keyphrase targets that drive the content and traffic for each section of your website.

The process of working backwards from what people are searching for and using the information to determine the structure and content of  your  website, ensures that your website will perform well both in attracting visitors and then converting them into customers.


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