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Website Audits & Analysis

Website Audits & Analysis

Could your website benefit from a search ranking report?

It’s important to understand where your website is performing well and where it could be improved. Our complimentary website analysis report will show you what you need to know.


How to improve your website’s search engine rankings

Full Website Audit

A full website audit is essentially an overview of the general health of your website based on over 100 key indicators.

although the process involves some implied logic and assumptions, in the context of search engine rankings, it provides real direction for your efforts to improve how successful your website is at both attracting and converting traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Your website is one of many, and although you cannot control what your competitors do, it’s important to have the required information to respond effectively in order to maintain the traffic levels you receive from people looking for your goods or services.

Therefore an audit should bear some reference to how it relates to the wider community. Providing a reference point to gauge relative health, versus that of competing websites, given focus to efforts to improve success on line. Rather like a football manager may identify the opponent’s team for weaknesses and aim to exploit them, the website audit will help you to identify ways you can win more traffic.

How is this achieved?

We use a variety of powerful analytical tools together with knowledge of what signals are the most relevant to a given situation. We identify problems with your websites structure, code, content and how it is linked.

We then apply the same logic to your competitors, and we are even able to identify what key phrases they are targeting, where there links are derived from and use the information to drive your website forward.

The process is a highly analytic one that involves the sifting of red herrings from leaping salmon. Once performed it provides a solid foundation from which to improve the success of your website.

Complimentary Website Analysis

The complimentary analysis will provide details of the main on page factors that affect your rankings

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