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Online Advertising

Online Advertising

By employing an Online Advertising Agency like Reach Key to target new customers, you can gain greater control of who sees your message, whilst staying in full control of what you spend.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Working with us as your Pay Per Click (PPC) and online advertising agency offers the benefit of low cost set up and the potential for a quick return on investment.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities presented by Google Adwords and other PPC programmes, talk to us today.

Display Advertising Networks

Offering the ability to reach over 90% of internet users with personalised advertisements; Display Advertising has the potential to be explosively effective for your business, if done correctly.

Because you can display advertisements to only the people who fit specific criteria, the cost per conversion is much lower than using more traditional forms of advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Although social media channels offer the potential to generate awareness without cost. It’s also possible to expand your reach further specifically target who’s sees your message, by using paid advertising options.

We can set up and manage your campaign to target only the people who are important to your business, and deliver a message that is relevant and enticing.

Ability to define Your target market

Getting more from  your advertising budget requires regular refinement and monitoring.

Seasonality, or even the days of the week can also play a big roll for some businesses on where their audience can be found online.

We have the capability to analyse what is having the greatest success in terms of your own campaigns, and also the campaigns of other businesses in your sector. This enables us to predict what will work for you more precisely in the future, and improve the success of your campaign as time goes by.

Through ongoing refinement of your campaign, new opportunities to attract potential customers can be identified and your budget can be put to work on the highest converting combinations of advertisements copy, website selection and landing page designs.

What is Remarketing?

remarketingThe advent of Re-marketing for pay per click campaigns, has provided an incredibly valuable link between PPC, Display Advertising and Social Media channels.

As the graphic to the left shows, what re-marketing offers is essentially a second bite at the cherry to convert a website visitor into a customer after they leave your website.

When you consider the fact that over 80% of potential customers begin their search for a product or service via a search engine. It’s logical to consider this as the starting point for your online advertising strategy.

By employing a re-marketing strategy on search engine pay per click campaign, you can maintain contact with a potential customer who visited your website after they leave. For products and services that require research before purchase, this ability to stay in touch with your prospects is invaluable.

Re-marketing & Display Advertising Networks

For example, if someone visits your website after clicking on a Google Search Advertisement, you may choose to show a Display Network Advertisement on an unrelated website, for 1 month after. The details of the advertisement can be unique and determined by a host of things such including the products or services that they viewed.

Re-marketing & Social Media

Additionally, if that person then goes on to log in to Facebook, an advertisement can be designed to appear in their Newsfeed even if they have not ‘liked’ you. Thus providing a further opportunity not only to sell to that individual but to members of their network also.

All the advertising campaigns we develop are tailored to each business and include re-marketing where ever possible.

Mobile & Local Advertising

If your company sells goods and services that are sourced based on their location – for mobile_and_local_advertisingexample, a picture framing service, restaurant or plumber, your customers are more likely to choose somewhere close by.

‘Geo-targeted’ or localised campaigns can be highly cost effective¬† when used correctly.

PPC, display and social advertising formats can all be tailored to target mobile users within a specific location, or if they search using location based keywords such as “online marketing consultant manchester”

The power this provides to the advertiser, to both tailor the message and control their budget is invaluable.

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