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Guest Blogging Service

Guest Blogging Service

a guest blogging service you can rely on!

Simple, scalable and effective.

We Source the Website…

Finding websites of sufficient quality and relevancy that are willing to host content that will link to your website can be a real headache.

With our extensive book of contacts we sort out where your content will be hosted, to ensure relevancy and save you days of wasted time searching and sending unanswered emails.

We Research & Write the Blog Post…

Not only does this part of the service save you time, it also ensures that your article is meeting the relevant guidelines and provides real value to the visitors of the site where the content is hosted.

Plus you can rest assured that all links are formatted to ensure maximum value to your website and are placed naturally within the text.

We Provide Feedback on Our Work

Once the content has been published we’ll provide full details of where it is placed so that you can keep track of it.

We are also able to provide ongoing reports to show the value our guest blog posts are bringing to your website in terms of increased visitor numbers.

Why Should I Spend Money on Guest Blogging Services for Someone Else’s Website?

Button CheckDirect Traffic from the Content

Because we match your website with relevant sites, you can expect to receive targeted traffic from the sites that link to you.

By diversifying the traffic sources you rely on, your business becomes more stable.

Button CheckIncreased Traffic from Search Engines

There is no denying the powerful effect this form of ethical link building has on your search engine traffic.

In fact there is no better way to boost your search engine traffic than engaging in high quality guest blogging services.

Button CheckImproved Domain Authority

Over time as you continue to publish high quality content through us, your website will be seen as an authority within its niche.

this will exponentially improve the effectiveness of your future effort to attract relevant visitors from search engines.

Our Prices

Our prices include a complete end to end service from content creation to reporting. Turn around time is generally 7 days.

1 Piece of Content Written and Published £59

2 Pieces of Content Written and Published £115

5 Pieces of Content Written and Published £275

10 Pieces of Content Written and Published £519

All prices above are based on our tried and trusted careful selection process. For those requiring more information regarding DA, PR, Moz Rank and other metrics related to the service please call or email for more details.

Agencies and resellers welcome…

We are able to provide bespoke site selections based on your own preferred metrics if desired. Please get in touch to discuss details.

How many blog posts will I need?

I hate to answer a question with a question but…

How long is a piece of string? (sorry, had to do it :-))

Because of the variables involved such as competition for the key phrases, the current state of your link profile and onsite SEO,the answer is different for each case.

What you can be sure of is that by engaging in content marketing of this nature, you are giving yourself the best chance possible of moving up the rankings.

In short, when you do a Google search for a competitive keyphrase, the deciding factor for the top positions will always be related primarily to the quality and quantity of content marketing links (aka guest blog posts) the website has pointing to the site…

So if you want to get there, you need to do it.

Do you only place content on UK websites?

No. We will try to secure placements from within the region targeted.

If you are UK based business, it is logical to use UK based websites in the majority of cases. Depending on the nature of your business, this may or may not have an implied relevancy.

If you have an international reach or are based in another country, we can perform outreach to relevant websites in your locality or for international businesses -that of your target market.

Where are links placed?

All links are placed naturally within the content.

We take special care with anchor text (the linking words) to ensure we do not bring on the wrath of the search engines as a result of over optimisation.

Links will be made up of mainly brand or generic anchor text surrounded by relevant and useful content.We will also link using a group of up to 10 words with your keyphrase or a variant of it included in it.

We also place additional links to high value sites and other content within the website linking to you. This adds value to page linking to you in the eyes of the search engines.

It also makes the content we place a genuine visitor friendly piece of content, that associates your website with respected resources from around the web.

Who writes the content?

The content we publish is created by seasoned content writers who are experienced in providing material specifically for guest blogging.

In order to maintain relationships with the website owners, its important to consistently provide well formed content that is useful to their visitors.

We also need to ensure that the content chosen has a relevance to your website and the key phrases you  need to rank for, to assist your search engine traffic.

Its a balancing act but one our writers are well up to because they do it every day.

Will this get me a Google penalty?

In short no.

The long answer is that done aggressively and unnaturally any form of so called ‘link building’ is likely to attract the wrath of the search engines.

But the irony is, that without actively pursuing links from relevant sources across the web, your website will never rank well.

So the answer to achieving success and avoiding problems is simply to engage in the most effective and ethical forms of attracting links; and to do if not just for the improved search traffic, but for the direct referral traffic it will bring too.

The guest blogging service we provide will help you to achieve this.

Want to know more about our guest blogging service?

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or if you prefer…

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