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Content Creation Services

Content Creation Services

At Reach Key we provide content marketing services that meet the demands of a modern online marketing strategy.

Whether its to attract visitors from other websites or to boost the value of your own website, we provide the services you need to succeed.

Content Written for Placement on Related Websites

You can find all information on our Link Building and Guest Blogging Services here.

Content Written for Your Own Site

Maintaining a blog on your own website has many benefits. The ones being:

  • It provides an outlet for you to create additional useful resources and searchable content, that will be indexed in search engines and attract relevant visitors.
  • It provides fresh content that can be shared via social media.
  • It gives your audience a reason to stay in touch and revisit your  website regularly.
  • Search engines will attach greater value to your website if you post regular useful content – this will increase your traffic exponentially.

If you need more content writing for your own website than you can manage in house we can provide a fully researched and search engine optimised service for you. To give you an idea of costs, a 500 word bespoke article written to your specifications will cost around £35. Discounts are available for monthly content plans.

If you are unable to generate the content yourself it is highly advisable to engage our content creation services – particularly if you operate is a national marketplace or a competitive local niche.

Once the article is written it can be posted to your website and promoted to attract new visitors. This can be done via social media channels and once the article is crawled by search engines, it will attract visitors searching for related content.

Before we create content, either for placement on your own website or elsewhere, it is important to clearly define the goal the content will serve. We define the content we develop in 3 ways:-

  • Content that Develops Authority
  • Content that Attracts Links
  • Content that Converts

Defining content in these distinct ways enables us to ensure that your business is hitting the right notes with your customer, whilst also increasing its visibility.

Our Guide to Content Marketing


 What am I trying to achieve with the content on my website?

This might seem like a simple concept and a fairly obvious one at that. However,you would be surprised at how much content lacks the clarity and conviction to achieve the results a business expects.



 Increasing the authority of your website  is all about developing trust, respect and awareness for your company.

If you become trusted by your audience, awareness of what you offer will grow together with your ability to influence purchasing decisions.


Consider what you can offer to your audience that will assist them in developing a perception of your company as an authority in its field.

There are some simple step you can take to develop authority based content to start with such as:

  • A company history section on your website can convey authority, if it show long established presence.
  • The prominent display of memberships to trusted associations.
  • Publicity of involvement in forums and thought leadership groups within your industry

The lines between content types can sometimes overlap, as authority content that serves to teach and inform can also attract links.

Which brings us to the second type of content…


Links to your website are a fundamental indicator to search engines that your website is worthy of visitors.

Now that doesn’t mean that if you get your Aunt Agnes to link to you from her sewing page she put together at night school, you’re going to shoot up the search engine rankings.

Its all about quality.


Creating content that is link worthy, is about creating resources that website owners feel is relevant to their audience, and will ultimately link to.

Types of content can include…

  • Instructional videos or ‘explainer animations’ are types of content are are both engaging and hard to replicate, thus making them link worthy.
  • Functional content such as online calculators and chart sliders that provide information based on selected criteria
  • Studies, white papers and downloadable ebooks are also great ideas for content that people will link to are all good link worthy content ideas


As mentioned in the previous page, showing that you have deep knowledge of your subject area can have the double effect of instilling an air of authority amongst your potential customers.

bear in mind that entertaining and visual content can attract a lot of attention via social channels. Infograms like the ones used in this series help to convey your message more easily and are a good example of social media friendly content.

Once you’ve ticked the ‘authority’ and ‘link worthy’ boxes you’ll naturally want your website visitors to become customers…


Creating content that converts is critical to the success of your business.

Your potential customers are making buying decisions by comparing your message with that of your competitors.


By showing that:-

  • you understand your customers viewpoint
  • providing information that shows you can deliver
  • answering their questions and allay concerns

You will ultimately provide the visitor with the confidence to consider doing business.

Employing a process of testing your content against alternatives will help you to develop a greater understanding of your customers.

In some cases, splitting customers into subsets and  delivering different content to each group can help to increase your conversion rate further.

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Good content either on your website or linking to it, is a fundamental element of a successful online marketing strategy – particularly in competitive markets.

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